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Belfast number two city for financial services investment by 2025

Due to Belfast’s location with proximity to London, Dublin and the rest of the EU, Belfast is becoming an extremely attractive option for financial services investment.

The city is also an ideal nearshore location for financial services companies for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Belfast hosts world class universities and a highly skilled labour force as a result. Coupled along with the fact that there are relatively low costs of doing business within Belfast compared to cities such as London, Belfast is becoming a very attractive option for financial services investment.

A recent report by TheCityUK and PWC, which was produced to set out a vision for the UK-based financial and professional services sectors past Brexit to 2025, identified that Belfast was fast becoming a favourable place for investment by financial services firms. The report forecasts that by 2025, Northern Ireland would see an increase of 25% in terms of investment from this sector.

Over the years, there has already been investment from companies such as Citi and Augentius which are global financial services companies. The figures state that the financial services sector currently employs around 33,000 people in Northern Ireland which equates to 4.4% of employment in Northern Ireland as published in a recent article from Belfast Telegraph. With more and more companies moving operations to Belfast that number will only keep rising.

If you would like more information regarding the financial services sector within Northern Ireland, join our Belfast for Life community where we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

15:20 14/09/2017